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N- and O-linked glycoprofiling of ebolavirus GP1.2 glycoproteins

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How to release glycans for glycan analysis ?

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N-glycan profiling from in gel separated proteins and Maldi Tof MS analysis

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Glycomic analysis: Age related differences of N-glycan profiles in Plasma of healthy Human Donors

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New Flyer: Your Service Partner and Expert for Glycan Analysis, glycomics and Characterization of proteins and Peptides



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Publications de nos Clients

Ribela M.T.C.P., Damiani R., Silva F.P., Lima E.R., Oliveira J.E., Peroni C.N., Torjesen P.A., Soares C.R., Bartolini P. N-glycoprofiling analysis for carbohydrate composition and site-occupation determination in a poly-glycosylated protein: Human thyroropin of different origins. (2017) Int. J. Mol. Sci. 18 13; doi:10.3390/ijms18020131

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Posters Scientifiques

Characterization of annexin A1 role in melanoma dissemination.

Boudhraa Z., Rondepierre F., Trzeciakiewicz A ., Merle C.,Miot-Noirault E., Chezal J.M, Bouchon B., Degoul F.

UMR990 (INSERM/ Auvergne University)/ Proteodynamics, Clermont-Ferrand France

Abstract poster CLARA 20-21 mars (2012) N°25, session Tumor Escape, cell Plasticity and Targeted Therapies

Using wild type CHO cells, improvement of effector functions through MAb engineering analysed by mass spectrometry & by new HTRF® technology

Vermot-Desroches C. (1), F. Chevallier F.(2), Savino M. (2), Merle C.(3), Theisen M.(3), Subiger O.(1), Vuillermoz B.(1), Bourdin L.(1)

iDD biotech (1), Dardilly, France – Cisbio Bioassays(2), Codolet, France – Proteodynamics, Clermont-Ferrand(3), France.

Abstract poster CLARA 20-21mars (2012) N°34, session Tumor Escape, cell Plasticity and Targeted TherapiesAnnexin A1 N-terminal peptde in melanoma dissemination

Boudhraa Z., Rondepierre F., Trzeciakiewicz A ., Merle C.,Miot-Noirault E., Chezal J.M, Bouchon B., Degoul F.Poster

UMR990 (INSERM/ Auvergne University)/ Proteodynamics, Clermont-Ferrand France

Abstract poster (Septembre 2012)